Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Unshakable Faith

Posted by Janna from Tami's journal.

Sometimes the facts of a situation include the hopelessness of the difficulty we face, but they also include the reality of God’s power to work in this impossible situation.  Faith is facing your reality and making a conscious choice to believe and trust God.  All of life is the journey of the soul, those moments of spiritual revelation.  I am getting to experience things that have been here all along, but hidden by the distractions of my life.  This journey is full of difficult emotions, but I am learning to slow down and savor every moment; live life in a simpler way.  I wish I had learned this sooner.  We need to think deeply, be sensitive, know how rich we really are.  I will affirm every day – I am cancer free, the picture of health, Thank you, God! 

Every one needs a Mascot, something that symbolizes your battle, competition, fight, etc.  I did not go looking for a Mascot for this battle, he found me.  My Mascot for this fight is a colorful fish called a “scarcatic fringehead”.  Funny name, I know.  Kinda corny to have a Mascot as well.  But, he is tenacious enough to battle an octopus.  He will not let himself be beaten!  If he can battle an octopus and win, I can battle this cancer -  AND WIN! I AM A SURVIVOR!  I know beating cancer is my job right now.  All too often I have to fight fear and discouragement.  I have learned to just do things afraid.  It is hard, but knowing God is with me, that He will never leave me…comforts me.  When I pass through the waters, He is with me, they will not sweep over me.  When I walk through the fire I will not be burned (Isa. 43:2). 

He knows how much we can bear.  No matter how dark and awful the battle, He will see me through.  Cancer is a fierce battle, but one that can be won!  I just wanted to add, that in Tami's case, she may not have conquered cancer physically, but she conquered cancer spiritually and emotionally and did not let it steal her soul, who she really was inside.  She did not become bitter, or angry.  She did not blame God.  She did not give up hope, faith, or belief in God's promises to her.  

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  1. Tami was so much stronger and wiser than any of us ever imagined. Reading her words written during the scariest and most difficult time of her life and still hearing the faith and hope in her heart is remarkable. She didn't ever let cancer define who she was, she never let it rob her of her joy and passion for life. We see it in every picture that her eye captured for us to remember her and her love of life and us.