Treatment Update 10/28/10

I have been going to Oasis of Hope for more than a month now, however, during that month I have not felt real well so I have not been able to benefit from all of the treatments they offer.  But, my typical week there consists of Vitamin C infusions, Foot Detox, Lymphaitc Massage, Hyperbaeric Oxygen Chamber, Accupuncture (if needed), and consultations with an Integrative Doctor who is very nice, attentive and knowledgable.  I have also had to go for hydration infusions lately as I have been dehydrated. 

I met with the Oncologist there, who is a well respected Oncologist with Hoag.  He suggested that I look into focus beam radiation for the pelvis area and then either chemoembolization or radiofrequency ablation for the liver.  My next step was to see my new Oncologist at Kaiser to see if any of these were possible.  Up until now they have said, "No", so I was prepared for the fight.

For more inofrmation on Oasis check out their website.  They have a foundation that they use to supply grants to patients and to fund cancer research.  If you would like to donate to them there is information on their website.

I now have a new Oncologist with Kaiser who was very empathetic and concerend about my overall well being and quality of life.  He agreed that the tube in my kidney needed to come out as it has really affected my health and overall quality of life.  He also agreed that focus beam radiation would be beneficial and scheduled me for a consultation with a Radiation Oncologist.  I met with Radiation Oncologist and was hoping he would be open to doing a procedure called Cyberknife, which is very targeted to one tumor.  He actually wanted to exend the radiation field to include the whole right side of my pelvis, not just the one tumor causing me most of my pain and discomfort.  At first I was not sure I wanted to do it, but he spent a good 2 hours with me educating me on the use of radiation today versus the past.  It would still be a focused beam to that one area of the body.  I would go for ten treatments, 2 weeks, every day.  The down side is that I have to travel to Ontario everyday as they do not do Radiation here in Orange County.  I decided to go ahead with the Radiation treatment and I started yesterday.

Once the Radiation is done, it is hoped that the tube can come out, as the blockage should be removed.  At that point, my regular Oncologist wants to look at doing some of the targted treatments to the liver. 

This has been a long and hard journey and I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers.  God is good and has provided enough for me to stick with Oasis through Radiation and other treatments so they can help my body withstand what it is receiving.  This is definately an answer to prayer.




  1. Wish I wasn't so far away from you all!! I will be there in spirit!! Love you!!

  2. How did the fundraiser go? David and I can also pledge to help financially. Let's talk!
    God is good,
    Rachel Snyder

  3. We are still selling raffle tickets for the framed photo and the quilt until Oct. 10. We would like to host a fundraising spaghetti dinner on Oct. 10, however, both Calvary and Kindred have their kitchens already booked. Does anyone have any ideas for a place to have it? Let Janna know if you have any places in mind. thanks, Valaine

  4. You and your family are in my prayers I pray that Oasis will help you in your healing.

  5. Fundraiser was extremely successful. A heartfelt thanks to all who helped, participated and got the word out!!! We met, and exceeded, our goal of $10,000. Praise God for providing immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine. We will continue to raise whatever she needs to continue at Oasis.

  6. Tami,....Woody, Justin and I have committed to pray for you each day during your designated radiation therapy time. We have all asked our friends to do the same. You have so many people pulling for you and sending their colelctive strength in prayer that you should feel nothing but wellness and peace. We pray for those around you in every facet of your life to be uplifting and hopeful and that the doctors who attend you will be filled with a passion of healing that will extend to every part of your body. YOU are so loved and cherished by us all. Get a good nights sleep and a restful weekend as you prepare for another week of battle. We will be your champions, always. Love, Valaine

  7. Thank you for the update, Tami. Continuing to lift you up in prayer.