My Family

To my Daddy:

I am from

I am from a man of integrity, a man of his word who speaks up when something is not right. I am from manners and white hankies and ironed cloth napkins. I am from white T shirts, from lawns mowed every Saturday. I am from a man with unconditional love for his daughters, from endless tinkering on cars; garages neat as a pin where everything has its place. I am from a man who is highly intelligent yet never boastful, frugal yet very generous and fiercely protective of his family.

I am from car trips to Nebraska, to camping trips where, yes, we need our pillows. I am from a tool shed that turns out to be a playhouse for 3 little girls, from hiding under my bed when the family dog gets much needed reminders to stop digging. From a fearless mosquito swatter, no matter the time of night I wake him. From dog pile on Dad and 'you sound like a herd of buffalo'.  I am from English Leather cheeks and cowboy boots.  He is my hero, he is the love of my life, he is... my Dad.

To My Mom:

I am from

I am from a woman who loves the Lord with all of her heart; a woman of her word who knows her boundaries. I am from home cooked meals, canned fruits, jams and relish; baked beans and chicken fried steak like no other. I am from standing on a box learning to iron, from homemade dresses, and 3 tiered rose beds, fragrant carnations. From rhubarb and grapevines grown in our yard.

I am from hard working hands; wiffs of comet. From making sure her babies never touched a dirty floor. From “2 bam” and “3 crack” at naptime; cottage cheese and pineapple, knitting needles clicking in the other room. I am from 3 little girls sitting on a high stool in the kitchen to have their hair combed or braided everyday. From sewing on an antique Singer machine; crocheting endless afghans, patient teaching.

I am from a Campfire leader, a choir teacher; endless card games. From matching PJ’s every Christmas. I am from ‘This too shall pass’, from the one I caught my travel bug from. I am from Herb Albert and the TJ Brass or Hank Williams Jr. playing on the stereo; from Chantilly Lace fragrance. I am from too many doctor appointments to count, late nights of concern, endless prayer; we have come full circle. I am from a mom who mothered in a way most don’t get to be mothered. I am from many sacrifices made, known and unknown. From a mom who taught me how to be a mom. She is much beloved, she is….My momma.


  1. What a great tribute to your wonderful parents that I am bless to call Uncle and Aunt!!!

  2. That's a great picture of your mom and dad!!